Gold Wowie Sponsors Polo

Leilani Pacheco, Founder and CEO of Gold Wowie CBD with the finalists of the New Bridge Women’s Challenge.

Players and visitors to New Bridge Polo and Country Club might notice that they have a new and unique presenting sponsor this season. It’s not LandRover or Longines or Veuve Clicquot Champagne. It’s Gold Wowie CBD, a CBD oil company owned and run by Leilani Pacheco, an entrepreneur and animal lover who recently moved to Aiken from Hawaii.

Although she was raised on the paradisiacal big island, Leilani explained that she was always attracted to the American South, possibly inspired by her grandmother who lived in Virginia. She grew up riding horses, and dreaming about playing polo. But it was the 1970s and there were few women in the sport and none in Hawaii.

“We girls weren’t allowed,” she said. “Only boys could play. Now anybody can play, and I love horses, and Aiken just drew me.”

Over the winter, Leilani bought property in New Bridge, as well as a house in town, and has just started taking polo lessons, which she loves. “I don’t need to play tournament polo,” she said. “But I want to learn to play.”

Sponsoring the season at New Bridge was another way to get involved in the sport, with the goal of promoting her company and helping people and their horses and pets along the way. Working as a natural healer in Hawaii, she has been involved with therapeutic cannabis products for decades, and developed Gold Wowie to create and sell the best full spectrum CBD on the market, which she certifies through regular testing of every batch. Gold Wowie makes different formulations for people, horses and dogs, and Leilani says that CBD can work wonders on horses with various inflammatory and stress related problems, as well as on dogs with separation or thunderstorm anxiety.

“Horses can have a lot of issues, they are so close to us: they are a lot like people. And dogs . .  I come from Hawaii and we have thunderstorms, but not like here. I already have testimonials from people in Aiken who have seen how much it can help their dogs during storms.”

Leilani, who also practices MagnaWave PEMF, says that she often works with veterinarians and strives to educate her clients, not just to sell them product.

“Every horse is different,” she says. “I think of what I provide as another step to help them. I’m here to heal.”

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