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Gold Wowie Sponsors Polo

Leilani Pacheco

Gold Wowie CBD is the presenting sponsor of the New Bridge Polo Club season in 2021. Leilani Pacheco, CEO, sees a natural connection between her company and the sport of polo.

US Wins Townshend Cup

Team USA won the Townshend Cup polo challenge October 10 at the New Bridge Arena. Established in 1923, the Townshend Cup is an international arena match played between England the United States on alternate years. Playing for Team USA: Pelo

Ponies, Pearls and a Donkey

Joanna Caldwell and Kate the donkey

Ponies and Pearls came to New Bridge Polo and Country Club on October 1, 2021. This was a benefit for Brooke USA. Joanna Caldwell was there with Kate, a donkey who is an ambassador for Brooke USA.